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Designing the Fusion: 

Exploring the Convergence of Physical and Digital Experiences
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Wonderland Fantasy

An innovative storytelling app that fosters creativity and physical play among children.

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Design Standardization for Companies Appears

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Step By Step, guide

AR/XR experiences for employee training.

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Brick Trip

Play experience by combining VR technology with a tangible toy.


As a designer of mixed digital-physical experiences, my vison is firmly rooted in user-centered design. My passion lies in uncovering solutions that cater to user needs through research and iterative design processes. I strive to create seamless experiences that alleviate pain points for all types of consumers.

Drawing on my background in computer engineering, I possess a deep understanding of technology. This knowledge allows me to bridge the gap between design and technical implementation, ensuring that my visions translate into tangible, functional solutions.

Putting the user first, I approach each project with empathy and a commitment to understanding their journey. By immersing myself in user insights and feedback, I gain valuable perspectives that inform my design decisions. Through meticulous attention to detail and an iterative approach, I aim to create memorable and intuitive interactions that leave a lasting positive impression.




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